Market Positioning

1. Self-Reporting vs. Observational Research
Researchers use surveys for many different reasons. Sometimes a survey can give misleading results and therefore the data is distorted. Depending on what data researchers want, observation can be the best alternative. For example, a survey was given to 100 homes on recycling and conservation. Most homes said that they recycled on the survey, but from observation, they didn’t do as well as they thought they did. This is one instance when doing a survey would be complicated. What people do and what they say are two different things.

2. Positioning Statement

How to Write Market Positioning Statements

If your company wants to target towards a certain audience, you need to position. In order to get your buyer’s attention, a positioning statement could come in handy. A positioning statement is to describe your company and brand to your target market. Focus on your brand and guarantees of your business. When writing your statement, remember to say things that set you aside from the competition. In conclusion, the overall statement should be “meaningful, important, and convincing.”

3. Branding Designs
Even though we didn’t really talk about product designs, branding is a part in Mike’s PBR acronym. When I think of branding, I think of how the product looks and the appeal to it. That one product that stands out on the shelf against the rest is the one I’m more likely to look at. This website shows a few examples of using their branding in packaging. You will be surprised what a little creativity can do to a business.

4. Relationship Marketing
Relationship marketing is important because you want to make your customer feel that they are essential to your company. Have them be a long term customer. Whenever I think of loyal customers, I think of the grocery store I work at. Many of them have been going there for years. Because of that, they have a friendly relationship towards the store employees. A store isn’t focusing on transactional customers. Transactional marketing is when the company tries to sell as many products as they can in a short amount of time. This makes me think of car dealerships. For some reason I avoid dealerships because salesmen try to weasel their way into thinking you need that car with all the special features. Even though a car isn’t an everyday purchase, they hope that you have a long term relationship with them by taking your repairs to their shop and buying your next car with them.
5. Emotional Advertising
In most cases, if a company can make you move through emotions, chances are you have a connection with it. This article from Britain says otherwise. Some companies make you think that you can change the world and be uplifted with just this one product. It goes on to say that it’s sort of like false advertising. Simplicity is the best when trying to convince consumers.


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